HAUSCHKA – ‘Abandoned City’ (City Slang)

Posted on March 1, 2014 in english, featured album, Music

Hauschka’s 7th solo album released – March14th 2014. ‘Abandoned City’ was recorded in Hauschka’s home studio in a burst of creative energy following the birth of his first son. ‘With the exception of ‘Elizabeth Bay,’ which is based on a piece of music I wrote for a reinvention of Wagner’s Flying Dutchman, the music was […]

HAUSCHKA – Elizabeth Bay (Video)

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22.5.2014. Hauschka (Ger) LIVE, Zagreb @ &TD // 65kn / 80kn Hauschka is a German born composer, songwriter and experimental musician who has brought an exciting new perspective to the prepared piano through avant-garde, pop, modern classical, and electronic explorations. The compositions on new album ‘Abandoned City’ awaken the loneliness and unattainable romance of timeless, […]

THE NOTWIST – Močvara, 11.04.2014.

Posted on February 28, 2014 in Live
Credit: Joerg Koopman

Photo credit: Joerg Koopman ŽEDNO UHO PREDSTAVLJA THE NOTWIST – 11.04.2014. VRATA 20:00 • POČETAK 21:00 Prije skoro 25 godina nedaleko od Münchena, braća Acher i Messerschmidt osnovali su bend The Notwist koji je ubrzo nakon osnivanja izašao iz prvobitnog, u to vrijeme popularnog, grunge izričaja i okrenuo se autentičnom komponiranju, istraživanju moderne pop glazbe […]